Connecting your Business Worldwide to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man

By connecting people, places and businesses, Newtel helps organisations succeed in a digital world. We can deliver the results you need to progress and thrive. Find out how we’re helping businesses of all sizes and sectors connect for a better future.

Data Connectivity Solutions

As businesses and technology evolve, the solutions used to connect people, places and applications need to be agile. Finding the right business connectivity and internet services for your organisation is vital in a world where enterprises are changing the way they communicate with customers and employees – as well as their business transactions. Newtel supports businesses both nationally and globally as they change, grow and develop. So regardless of the size and scale of your organisation’s internet and networking needs, we can support you through agile connectivity.

Dedicated Internet Access

A reliable high-speed connection means your business is always online. With Dedicated Internet Access, you’ll never have to share your connection or compete with consumer traffic thanks to our uncontended service dedicated to business customers. And with service speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, you can choose the service that suits your needs. Dedicated Internet Access is ideal if your organisation depends on a reliable connection for business-critical services, whether that’s simply hosting your own website or using your connection for online sales, VoIP (Voice over IP) services, cloud-based applications or large file transfers. We also offer a range of standard and optional security options to keep you online.

Newtel Cloud Connect

Running applications in the cloud has many advantages (flexibility, agility, access-from-anywhere) but your cloud application’s performance will only be as good as YOUR CONNECTION to the cloud. For a successful migration to the cloud, you need a sound network strategy, ensuring optimal PERFORMANCE & SECURITY

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